We KEMEX INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD are please to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturing company of fire fighting / extinguishing and Oil Field Chemicals using a latest technology under brand name “KEMEX” since 1998.
    We have various product manufacturing with all necessary approvals as follows:-
  • Dry Chemical Powder.
  • Foam Compound.
  • Fire Suppression Gases.

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Fire Extinguishing Foam

Our plant is well equipped with latest atomized pumps for manufacturing Foam Compound the same is been certified by DGQAand DGS&D.

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Kemex Special Products

Oil Field Chemicals
• Oil Spill Dispersant Typr-3 (Approved By NIO-GOA)
• Rig wash/Degreaser
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Fire Extinguishing Powder

Our plant is equipped with latest technology having largest capacity in India for 3500 MT /annum for MAP base DCP powder used for ABC type fire and having separate manufacturing facility for other Dry Chemical Powder like SBC / PBC / PBC-U / TEC etc.
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Fire Suppression Gases

Gas Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish electrical fires by releasing a concentration of gas within a particular room. Most commonly found in server rooms, computer suites and communication rooms a Gas Suppression system.
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